Two of the Isle of Man’s House of Keys political constituency boundaries are being questioned.

As such, public meetings are being held to debate the matter.

It comes after the Electoral Commission revealed at a recent public gathering that Ramsey as well as Glenfaba and Peel are in breach of the ‘maximum’ voter allowance.

Constituency boundaries are based on population figures, but the northern-most area is more than three percent in excess, according to the latest census data.

Glenfaba and Peel is two percent above the constituency allowance.

Borders are based on a calculation which looks at the average population per constituency, and gives up to 15% leeway.

Glenfaba and Peel’s eligible voter population sits at 17%, while Ramsey’s figure is 18.3%.

The commission has renewed calls for the public to complete a survey looking into the way general elections are carried out and how they can be more accessible.

The consultation is part of a review tasked to the electoral commission.

The commission is to present its findings to Tynwald by March 2024.

One of the topics being explored is a review into the number and boundaries of constituencies, including the number of seats per constituency.

The electoral commission will also consider the accessibility of elections to voters, postal and proxy voters procedures and the ability to vote in any polling station in a constituency.

It will also consider the feasibility of one or more ‘all-island polling stations’, candidate campaign materials and the organisation of pre-election meetings.

At the same time, the electoral commission is holding multiple public meetings across the island.

There is a public meeting in the east at St Andrew’s Church, Douglas, on June 15.

The public meeting in the south will be held at Arbory Parish Hall on June 20.

In the west the public meeting will be in Corrin Hall on June 29.

Each meeting starts at 6.30pm.

The public meeting in the north took place last week.

You can find out more information about the consultation and public meetings on the government’s website: