Anyone with an interest in the Draft Area Plan for the North and West should register by Friday, May 10 to have their say at a public inquiry.  

A number of proposed changes have been made by Cabinet Office since the draft plan was published in June 2022.

The government department is putting forward a number of potential development sites for housing and other uses submitted by a mixture of developers, landowners and local authorities.

The inquiry will be led by an independent planning inspector and is scheduled for July 2024.

Registrations are now open on the government website where those who want to speak or submit representations to the inquiry can state which topics or sites are of interest.

A government spokesperson said: ‘All are welcome to attend the inquiry and listen to discussions but those who wish to present their written or oral representations or objections must register to do so in advance.

‘The deadline to register is May 10, and registered parties will have until the June 21 to submit their representations.’

The inquiry will be held at the Masonic Hall, Ramsey between July 16 and 19, and at QEII School in Peel between July 23 and 26.

Inquiry sessions will take the form of round table discussions. Those who want to express their views may be asked questions by the inspector, government officers or other interested parties. 

Answers to frequently asked questions about the inquiry and the development plan process as a whole can be found online at the Community Guide No. 2.