76 years ago today, an American B17 bomber crashed into the side of North Barrule.

The crash was the deadliest aviation accident in the Isle of Man, with 31 people killed at 10.25am on April 23, 1945.

The event is remembered and commemorated each year by the Manx Aviation and Military Museum and the Maughold Parish Social Club.

They erect and maintain the memorial and flag pole at the crash site, as well as gathering for a short memorial each year.

Culture Vannin, who promote and support all aspects of culture in the Isle of Man, made a film about the crash with Mike Corlett, who remembers the crash as a boy.

He’s been going to the site for decades to raise the flag and remember the Isle of Man’s most devastating air disaster.

Culture Vannin's film on the 1945 disaster at North Barrule