A rescue charity for unwanted or homeless reptiles is trying to find a new base that will allow it to expand its work.

Vannin Reptilia take in reptiles that may have become impossible for their owners to look after or are unwanted for whatever reason.

Currently, the charity is run from the home of David Kelly in Castletown.

Mr Kelly is the development officer of Manx Animal Rescue Centres.

He explained their work: ’In a nut shell we offer safe haven for any exotic pets that find themselves in need of a new home.

’We also offer visits to schools, Cubs, Brownies or work dos and parties to offer education and information about their care, handling and conservation.’

Mr Kelly said for the charity to be able to do what it wants moving forward, to educate people on the importance of selecting the right pet for their family, it simply has to move from its current base into a bigger building.

He hopes that with extra education, the need for charities to rehome pets may become a thing of the past.

He added: ’Ideally location is not important. I live in Castletown, so for me the closer the better. That said, if the perfect site was located in Jurby, then the focus is of course what is best for the animals and the charity.’

As would be expected from a charity of this nature, Mr Kelly is used to working with interesting and wonderful animals. Currently these include snakes, spiders, lizards, tortoises and terrapins and a particularly friendly scorpion.

He added: ’In my life I have been very fortunate to work with some truly amazing animals, both through rescue and volunteering around the UK when I was younger.

’I think the strangest reptile I have ever had would be the alligator snapping turtles - very grumpy, and amazing bite force.’

For more information, search for Vannin Reptilia on Facebook.