Former health minister Rob Callister has been ordered to apologise for his conduct.

The Tynwald Standards and Members’ Interest Committee has released its report, ‘Matters relating to the dismissal of Mr Callister as Minister for Health and Social Care’.

It orders the Onchan MHK to apologise after finding that he breached Tynwald standards.

An investigation concluded 'that Mr Callister breached Tynwald standards of conduct by engaging in repeated inappropriate comments which undermined the right to dignity at work of the civil servants hearing those comments.'

And 'that Mr Callister breached Tynwald standards of conduct by not acting in a manner consistent with the principle of honesty.'

‘That is why myself, now as a backbench MHK and as the minister, I felt we have to allow Manx Care the three-year period minimum to allow them to really get into some of the problems and to change the culture, change their behaviour,’ said the MHK.

Mr Callister added: ‘I am just really embarrassed and I apologise to the people of the Isle of Man, that I feel I was not given sufficient time to make the changes that I desperately wanted as the minister at the time.’