Sandra Cottam-Shea has been elected to the vacant seat at Ramsey Commissioners following the local authority’s by-election.

Four candidates were in the running, with Sandra winning 162 votes and Joe Callister in a close second with 143 votes respectively.

Sara Kennedy-Hay won 110 and Pauline Johns-Garrett received 70 votes.

494 votes were cast, including two postal votes, which meant a voter turnout of 18.6 percent.

Ms Cottam-Shea described Ramsey as ‘colourful, quirky and different, with a strong community and family feel’.

Among her top priorities is addressing empty properties in the town, ensuring both private and public sector housing is ‘up to scratch.’

The now-Ramsey commissioner also wants to know if there’s enough support for the vulnerable.

As part of her election campaign, Ms Cottam-Shea said she wants to see more support for traders, and was keen to make the most of the town’s beach.

Talking about her election to the role, she said: ‘I’m totally shocked to be honest. I wasn’t expecting it and it’s a lovely surprise. I can't wait to get in the inner sanctum and see how things work.

‘I would like to thank those that voted for me. The calibre of the other candidates was so high.

‘I'm delighted to be given the opportunity to serve the town and the people. I have a bit of imposter syndrome as I thought Joe would win, and I hope he stands again in 2025.

‘I would like to thank my friends who trudged around with me posting manifestos, the town hall, staff, commissioners, those that advised and supported me and the people of Ramsey.’