Isle Pay it Forward, a new scheme of good will, has been set up in the island.

In four cafes, customers have the option to make a donation to pay for a meal, or hot drink for another person.

Cards have been dispensed to individuals by charities, whom they deem to be in need.

These individuals can use these cards in the four venues, and there are free coffees, teas, and meals available for them.

Tina Brennen, the organiser of the scheme said: ‘There is a similar scheme, which is the suspended coffee scheme.

‘It is slightly different in that the suspended coffee scheme is based on anybody going into a venue and getting free coffee, so it has a more scattergun approach.

‘With the Isle Pay it Forward scheme it is more targeted through the charities for those who are specifically in need.’

The cards are currently being dispensed by three charities, which are Graih, the Foodbank and the Salvation Army, and they are given to known individuals of the charities.

The four venues that are currently involved are Capone’s Diner, Gourmet Shakes, Freshly Squeezed and The Eatery.

Cards are given for a three month period, this Mrs Brennen says, is to differentiate between those who no longer need the card, and those who do. Mrs Brennen saw the scheme on a Facebook thread, which is running in various places around the world, and decided to bring it to the island.

She said the scheme has been running for a couple of months: ‘I wanted to roll it out to see how it would go before making anything official.

‘The response has been very good from all of the venues.

‘The cards are there to be used, and it is a more discrete way of getting help to those people that need it, who might not be comfortable going into a venue and asking outright.

‘People on the scheme can show their cards to staff at the venue, and the staff can tell them what is available.

‘On the details I have given them with the cards they can phone up prior to going so that they know that there is something available there for them to be used.’

She explained that the venues have different systems. Some have donations receipts on the wall, so people can choose a receipt which has been paid for by a customer, other venues have a jar with the donations and are told how much they can use.

She said: ‘The response from customers has been superb, and donations are there to be used as available.’

Fifty cards have been given out, which have been printed for free by the Copy Shop.

Mrs Brennen said: ‘I hope the scheme reaches out to for instance a young family so that they can go into a cafe and have a treat, or for someone who is isolated and might need a boost, but it is there for anyone who is in need and has the card.

She hopes to expand the scheme to more venues.

If you are a venue and are interested in taking part, you can email her on: [email protected]