A serial burglar has admitted stealing cigarettes, vapes, tobacco pouches and coffee after breaking into Spar in Anagh Coar.

Michael Daniel Bergquist was caught by police as he came out of the shop, after a civilian had called 999.

The 48-year-old had only been out of prison for two months and is currently on licence after an early release.

He has been committed to the Court of General Gaol Delivery for sentencing on February 2.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were called on December 16, at 11.34pm, with a report of a man breaking into Spar at Cushag Road in Anagh Coar.

When officers arrived they saw that a glass pane had been smashed and Bergquist was just coming out of the store.

He was holding numerous packets of cigarettes and tried to run off but was captured.

The defendant was taken to hospital as he had injured his hand, and told police: ‘I don’t believe what I’ve just done.’

CCTV footage showed Bergquist using a metal pole to break glass in the shop and pry open the door.

He then walked inside and took cigarettes, vapes, and coffee.

He left the store and went to a side alley, putting items in a carrier bag, before then going back to get more goods, which was when police had seen him coming out again.

Mr Swain said that it had not been a sophisticated offence, but was more of a ‘smash and grab’.

In February 2023, Bergquist was jailed for 20 months after he broke into the IQ Store on Prospect Hill in Douglas on Christmas Day and stole phones worth more than £5,000.

In 2021, he was jailed for an attempted burglary at the same store, as well as a burglary at AutoMann car dealership in Onchan.

And in 2015, Bergquist was jailed for armed robbery after he used a hammer to threaten staff at RHS Jewellers in Douglas before making off with £25,000 worth of jewellery.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said that, although his client had a long criminal record, his level of offending had been decreasing, for him.

Mr Rodgers said that Bergquist was on licence after an early release from his February sentence, and that he may now be returned to serve eight months, the remainder of that sentence.

The advocate said: ‘This was something of a cry for help.

‘Mr Bergquist used to have a class A drug addiction.

‘Regrettably he’s now moved towards alcohol. 

Mr Rodgers asked for a probation report to be prepared before sentencing.

High Bailiff James Brooks said that his summary court powers would only allow him to return the defendant to prison for a maximum of six months in relation to the February sentence.

Mr Brooks said that he was committing the case to the higher court for a Deemster to decide whether Bergquist should be returned to prison to serve the remainder of his previous sentence, and to impose a sentence for the latest offence.

No bail application was made and the defendant, who lives at Lheannag Park in Douglas, is remanded at the Isle of Man Prison.