A planning application for the redesign of Foxdale Primary School’s playing fields has been submitted.

The plan details the ‘the creation of a path, grassy mounds and the rotation of the football pitch’.

The application (24/00251/B) was validated on Thursday, March 7 and then included in the publication list on Friday, March 15.

The laid out plan includes the 90-degree turn of the sports pitch, as well as the implementation of a one-metre wide pathway around it.

This pathway will lead to grassy mounds at the end of the pitch furthest away from the school, with these new mounds being a maximum height of 1.2 metres.

Next to these grassy mounds, a ‘forest school’ is also set to be constructed, with a ‘learning space’ being cleared for non-permanent benches.

On one side of the sports pitch, a ‘summer house’ is also part of the planning application as well as play equipment on the adjacent side.