Taking in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond, Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer shared his experiences of 40 years of soldiering last week.

Usually known in the island as ‘His Excellency’, Sir John’s presentation, the latest in the popular Quilliam Lecture series, invoked his other title: Lieutenant General.

In ‘Silk, sand and Emperors’, the Lieutenant Governor shared the key lessons he drew from a career in the army, spanning four decades, which took him from private soldier to the highest levels of command.

The popular lecture series is named in honour of Manx naval hero Captain John Quilliam, who served alongside Vice Admiral Nelson aboard HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Arbory Parish Church, the final resting place of Captain Quilliam, was decorated for the occasion with a large ‘white ensign’ of the Royal Navy which has flown from the yards of HMS Victory.

Sir John is not the first Lieutenant Governor to deliver a Quillam lecture; Sir Laurence New, another veteran of the British army, also delivered a presentation during his tenure.

Dr Phil Smith of the Quilliam Group told the Manx Independent: ‘It is amazing how lucky we are to have such high-quality speakers who are willing to give up their time for us.

‘The Quilliam Lectures are going from strength to strength.’