All swimming lessons and after school classes in the south of the island are cancelled today as the Southern Swimming Pool has shut due to safety worries.

The board were informed of the concerns at the EGM last night (Thursday), with issues raised regarding the pool hall lighting.

The statement from the board said: 'After an EGM of the Southern Swimming Pool Board on December 14 2023, the board was made aware of concerns with the Pool Hall lighting.

'As the members feel that public safety is paramount, they decided unanimously that the pool would close today.

'The pool will reopen when external consultants have satisfied the board that there is no risk to the public.'

The closure of the pool comes amid questions regarding the future of the Castletown swimming site.

Tim Glover, MHK for Arbory, Castletown and Malew, asked the following question to the DESC Minister in Tynwald on Tuesday: 'Whether a replacement for the Southern Community Swimming Pool is contained within plans for the new Castle Rushen High School; and, if not, what alternative plans there are for a replacement pool?'

On Facebook he said: 'Breaking the answers down - there is no pool currently in the plans as initial funding is for design of new Castle Rushen High School and sports hall only.

'The Education Department will continue funding support for the existing pool - and here's the but - until Tynwald approves the report and proposals for the new community sports hubs.

'Although that report has been ready for some time it is late - was due to come to Tynwald in October but like many things it's late.

'It was contained in the recommendations in the Knight, Kavanagh and Page report which came to Tynwald in January 2023.'