The Southern Swimming Pool in Castletown has been saved from closure due to a new financial plan presented to the Department of Education, Sport and Culture (DESC).

The DESC made a recommendation to close the pool last week, and a motion was initially going to be put to Tynwald at the end of February to decide its fate.

But the new financial proposal put forward to the department would enable the Southern Swimming Pool to continue to operate within its current subvention.

It follows a meeting last night (Thursday, January 18) involving the Southern Swimming Pool Board, Southern MHKs and local political representatives.

On the basis of the financial plan provided, the DESC confirmed that it will continue to provide £434,000 of financial support to enable the ongoing operation of the popular southern pool.

Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, Julie Edge, said: 'I acknowledge this has been a very difficult period and I would like to recognise the work that has taken place within the community to present a workable plan. 

'I am sure all parties will acknowledge that the Southern Swimming Pool is coming to the end of its economic life and we are all looking to minimise the gap between failure of the current facilities and the development of a replacement pool.

'I will be seeking to clarify our future plans for a swimming pool as part of the new Castle Rushen High School development to the House of Keys on Tuesday.

'I remain committed to working with all the regional pool boards and local stakeholders. I hope to meet with the Southern Swimming Pool Board in the near future.

'I will be also seeking clarification from the Northern and Western swimming pool boards with regards to their respective financial position.'