Forecast bad weather might affect this Sunday's Steam Packet sailings.

The company says its Ben-my-Chree services to and from Heysham and to and from Liverpool are subject to possible disruption or cancellation.

Both Manxman sailings from Heysham to Douglas and Douglas to Heysham on Sunday appear to be unaffected.

The Steam Packet Company added that it will leave it as late as possible to give the sailing the best chance of going ahead.

A decision on the 8.45am Douglas to Heysham sailing will be made by the master at 7am on Sunday.

The 2pm Douglas to Liverpool sailing will have a final decision made at 11.30am on Sunday.

The 2.15pm Heysham to Douglas sailing will have a final decision made at 7am Sunday.

A final decision on the 7.15pm Liverpool to Douglas sailing will be made at 11.30am.

Passengers are asked to keep up to date by checking the Steam Packet website.