A number of whiskered snouts were spotted at Millennium Oakwood in Braddan for this year’s Isle of Man Schnauzerfest.

Despite the wet conditions, about 20 schnauzers showed up to the event with their humans - numbering around 30 - who sheltered under umbrellas and wore wellington boots while meeting like-minded owners.

Now in its second year of running in the island, the event raises funds to provide care and veterinary treatment for schnauzers who have ’experienced the terrible conditions of puppy farms and other rough backgrounds,’ said host Steph Burton.

She told the Manx Independent that the ’soggy doggies had a great time running around Millennium Oakwood’ with the event raising £136 through cake sales and raffle tickets.

’The money raised goes towards Schnauzerfest 2019,’ she said.

’Schnauzerfest is an annual event made up of separate walks all on the same weekend in October with two main aims - fun and fundraising.

’This year 72 walks were held over the weekend across the British Isles, ranging from Guernsey to Orkney, Cornwall to Kent.’

Schnauzerfest 2019 has raised more than £50,000 with the money going towards the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre.

This event will be back again next October, the organiser confirmed.

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