As families across the British Isles are separated over Christmas due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Cummins of Ramsey found themselves in the exceptional situation of being able to gather for an island-based mass reunion of 47 family members.

Wearing matching red jumpers which bore a slogan with their nickname, ’Christmas with the Ramsey massive’, the family of TT star Conor Cummins enjoyed a dinner at the Ramsey Park Hotel - in what could well have been the biggest family gathering in the British Isles.

The bulk of the numbers are made up by the fact that Mary and Merfyn Cummins have seven children, 17 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren - with another great-grandchild due in February.

The only absentees were Jess and her fiancé, professional cyclist Mark Christian, who were in quarantine as Mark recently travelled to Italy, and Niall, who lives in the UK with his wife Alex and three children. On January 10, Niall will play Tottenham Hotspur as captain of Marine Football Club in the third round of FA Cup.