After a cool start, high pressure dominated for much of May, with three weeks of settled weather.

Rainfall totalled just 16.4mm at Ronaldsway Met Office, the sixth driest on record and driest since 2008.

The long term average for May is 55mm. Most of the rain was on just two days – the 4th and 8th, with it being virtually dry since.

Temperatures were about a degree above average, with a mean daytime maximum of 15.2°C. The best day was the 27th, with 19.7°C achieved at Ronaldsway.

Sunshine totalled 245.1 hours, a little above average. The sunniest days were the 26th and 30th, with 15.2 hours.

The mean wind speed over the month was just 8.6 knots, about two knots below the long term average. There were just two days with strong winds.

The highest gust was 35 knots on the 22nd.

There were three days with fog early in the month, and no hail or thunder.