The long road to the BBC airwaves

By Mike Wade   |   Entertainment reporter   |
Tuesday 21st June 2022 2:00 pm
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TT Fortnight often throws up the odd momentous and unforgettable gig for the local musician.

Local singer songwriter Eoin Molyneux certainly had a couple of weeks to remember when, after playing nine TT dates to support the release of his debut full length album, he was selected to have one of his songs played on the ‘BBC Introducing’ series.

Eoin released his album ‘The Long Road Home’, a collection of nine songs written over 14 years, at the start of TT week and found out at the end of his lengthy trek around the island’s venues, that the single ‘Girl’ was played on BBC Radio on Saturday night.

‘Getting played on “BBC Introducing…” was completely unexpected,’ admitted Eoin afterwards.

‘I’ve always tried to get some radio play attention,but, like most of us, always struggle to get anywhere. But to get that email after the eight days of TT gigs was fantastic. It really finished over TT with a true bang.

‘“Girl” seems to have become the official single of the album,’ added Eoin.

‘Some of the songs on my album are filled with teenage angst, due to them being written so long ago, but these are the songs that I have written that I truly love.

‘I remember coming up with the chorus to “Girl” on the London Underground years ago and my friends at university liked it. But I never got the lyrics to a point where I liked it until the past two years.

‘It all started when I wanted to re-record a song called “All For Me”, and it kind of snowballed from there into the album.

‘I worked with a producer in Turkey to get all the tracks sounding as good as they possibly could be, along with the song “Done it Before and I’ll Do it Again”, which was mixed and mastered by the wonderful Ballagroove Studio.

‘All the attention the album got over TT, the crowds dancing to the tracks, asking for copies it’s just something I didn’t expect to happen.

‘I did it mainly for myself, so I had something to look back on.

‘I’m so glad I released it because the support has been mindblowing.’


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