Last year was the warmest on record for the Isle of Man.

The Met Office today released statistics for 2022.

The year began with the warmest-ever New Year’s Day recorded at Ronaldsway.

The mean annual temperature of 11.1°C (52°F) exceeded the previous record of 11.0°C from 2014.

Every month except December had above-average temperatures, but the hot spells of July and August were perhaps the most memorable, when there were several days with maxima into the high 20s at Ronaldsway, including a new August record of 27.9°C (82.2°F).

Several other climate sites around the British Isles recorded their all-time hottest temperatures, with Coningsby in Lincolnshire exceeding 40°C – a first for the UK.

The record temperature wasn’t down to the summer alone.

November was one of the warmest on record, with 16°C reached at Ronaldsway.

December was the only month with below average temperatures – the brief one-week cold snap bringing the coldest December temperatures since 2010.

It was also the sunniest year on record at Ronaldsway.

A total of 1,848.5 hours of sunshine was six more than the previous record from 2010. July 10 was the sunniest day, with 15.9 hours.

Total rainfall for the year was 784.3mm, which is about 100mm below the 1991-2020 average.

The spring and summer were dry, with a deficit of about 45% across March to August. September was the wettest month with 120mm.

February 13 was the wettest day of the year, with 18.1mm.

The mean wind speed over the year was 12.3 knots, which is close to the long-term average.

The windiest month was February, with a mean of 18.8 knots. Three of the four named storms of 2022 occurred during February, but the peak gust of the year was 59 knots during the severe gales of November 2.

There were nine days with thunderstorms in 2022 – compared with the long term average of 3.5.

There were 17 days with fog, compared with the average 25. The 11 days with sleet/snow was close to normal. They mostly happened in December’s cold snap.

Records began 75 years ago.