Intrepid Tracey Hannam has been hiking the coast of the Isle of Man as part of a greater challenge to walk the coastline of the UK.

After being made redundant from the RSPCA, splitting up with her partner of seven years, and unable to visit her children and grandchildren in America, the 55-year-old decided to buy a tent, and embark on the challenge while raising money for the RNLI.

Since starting, she has raised £4,000 for the RNLI.

Tracey, who is from Bath, said: ‘I’ve always wanted to explore the Isle of Man, and you are your own island with your own identity.’

Last week, Tracey arrived in the Isle of Man by ferry. On the journey she saw a pod of dolphins.

‘I think that was the Island’s way of welcoming me,’ she said.

She added: ‘Before coming I thought the Isle of Man was a little blob. People know TT, however, it is the most intriguing, beautiful, magical place, people are unbelievable, and there is so much to see.’

Tracey does 10 to 20 miles a day, depending on how well she has slept, the weather, and how many people she speaks to.

From the Isle of Man, Tracey will be taking the ferry back to Heysham, and will then make the journey to Northern Ireland after she has completed the hike.