Tributes have been paid to Susan Hidson, a ‘pillar of the Cregneash community’ who was known to many as ‘Skateboard Sue’.

Susan sadly died at the end of January after falling ill while on holiday with her family in the Canary Islands.

Members of the 74 year-old’s family who weren’t on holiday with Susan flew to the Canaries to be by her side when her health took a turn for the worst.

Born on June 27, 1949, talented craftswoman Susan worked at the Cregneash museum and Harry Kelly’s Cottage for 27 years.

She was was also a keen teacher of her crafts which included the use of ‘natural dyes’.

To some, Susan might be best known as ‘Skateboard Sue’ - the nickname given to her during her time serving drinks as a barmaid while riding a skateboard at the Ducks Nest (now The Sidings) in Castletown.

Susan was also a keen gardener, and spent some time teaching about the practices of regenerative agriculture and permaculture.

Speaking about her mother, Susan’s daughter Pippa commented: ‘I am sorry to say that my lovely Mum has passed away unexpectedly.

‘She had a wonderful and interesting life, and taught many people the wealth of her knowledge - especially me.

‘She had a very peaceful yet fittingly intrepid passing, surrounded by her family.’

Susan Hidson

Talking more about her mother’s life, Pippa said: ‘Her mum (my grandmother) was a matron at Southlands, so she also became a nurse at Southlands when she grew older.

‘She was a true Castletown lady, and loved working at the Ducks Nest on her skateboard.

‘It was later in life when she started to work at Cregneash, which she also thoroughly enjoyed.

‘She was a prominent figure in the Cregneash community, and people would often describe her as “the little old woman in the cottage”!

‘Her presence there was seen by the way she used to dress up in the proper Cregneash style costumes.

‘I remember it well growing up.

‘She loved nature and was an avid gardener.

‘As well as her teaching of agriculture, she also specialised in herbs and taught people about that too.

‘She was also into classic bikes and took a keen interest in them.

‘Of course, this was before they were known as “classics”!’

Susan Hidson (third from right)

There will be a gathering at the Sound Cafe in Port Erin on Saturday (February 24) from 6pm until 9pm to celebrate Susan’s life.

A number of Susan’s different hand-crafted quilts will be on display, as well as the serving of tea and coffee.

Susan’s daughter Pippa said: ‘Everyone is welcome to attend and it will be a lovely evening.’