Tromode Road in Douglas has shut today for approximately three weeks.

Explaining the closure, a spokesperson from the Department of Infrastructure highat services team said: 'Tromode Road is to close to through traffic to facilitate exploratory excavations in the carriageway.

'The test pits that will be dug are required to provide data to inform detailed design work for a proposed replacement wall along the edge of the carriageway and the river (to replace the existing structure).

'The new wall will be designed to provide a defence from river flooding for Tromode Road and the surrounding area.

'The road closure has been granted from Tuesday, July 4 until no later than Tuesday, July 25.

'It is anticipated that barring unforeseen circumstances that the work will be completed and the road reopened to through traffic ahead on July 25.'

The planned works will be undertaken at three sites on the road by CCJ Group Limited.

Access for residents, sport clubs and workplaces on Tromode Road will be maintained at all times, with vehicular access to all properties being maintained throughout these works from one end of the road or the other. Pedestrian access through the works will also be maintained at all times.