Greenlight TV, the island firm that produces the TT's video race coverage, is appealing for the return of one of the GoPros it uses for on-board filming.

The action camera was attached to Michael Russell's sidecar outfit, but has gone missing after he retired in the final lap of yesterday's Sidecar Race two.

Posting on social media , the Tromode-based company said: 'Can we kindly ask the folks who “borrowed” our onboard go-pro from Mike "Jack" Russell’s retired outfit at the 33rd yesterday to please return it so we can give him the coverage he deserves!'

Russell was attempting to finish every race, both solo and sidecar, at this year's event, but unfortunately suffered his first retirements of the week in Wednesday's two races.

After fuel problems with the sidecar, a sheared exhaust forced him out of the Supersport Race Two on the penultimate lap.

Russell, who also attempted the feat at last year's event, said: 'If we can start all 10, and finish the next three, that will make it eight.

'I will be amazed with that considering we are a privateer team. Plans are already afoot for TT 2024.'