With Manx currency designs currently the subject of a consultation, and views sought on what should be on bank notes and coins, we asked the public their views and ideas for change of currency designs.

A six-week consultation has been launched with suggestions including local landmarks, nature, historical events and events of significance, local people of interest and wildlife.

Bank notes have not been significantly revised since the government took control of their production in 1961, however coinage was most recently redesigned in 2017.

Jade Foster, from Onchan, suggested that a local artist would be a good person to design the new bank notes.

Public opinions on new designs for Manx banknotes - Jade Foster (Onchan)

Ali Hodgson has recently become the island’s biosphere artist in residence, a role in partnership with Manx Wildlife Trust and UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

Jade said: ‘I’d like to see something Manx nature related, like our incredible bird life.

‘Ali Hodgson is an amazing artist, she’s done some fantastic illustrations of puffins, oyster catchers, and I can see something like that looking great.

‘Our suffragette heritage would be amazing too. The current notes have very iconic landmarks on but it would be nice to include something that’s a bit more unique maybe, something that people don’t know too much about.’

Lynn Dawson, from Douglas, said she’d prefer nature or landmarks over historical figures to avoid controversy.

Public opinions on new designs for Manx banknotes - Lynn Dawson (Douglas)

She said: ‘I would probably go for wildlife, I think historical figures are a great idea but there’s always the potential for disagreement about who is the best person and whether they’re the right person at the moment in time.

‘I don’t think anyone is going to have any particular argument about the different types of animals on there, and I think they could look great. ‘

When asked which animal she’d most likely want to see on a bank note, she said: ‘It’s got to be a gull, hasn’t it? It’s Manx.

‘Basking sharks would be great too.

Landmarks once again are very good to have on there too, they’re not controversial, but it would be nice to see a change.

‘I’m happy to wait and see what they do to be honest, as long as the money works in a shop!’

Hassan Ridah, from Onchan, said: ‘People know the Isle of Man for TT.

Public opinions on new designs for Manx banknotes - Hassan Ridha (Onchan)

‘It’s a very worldwide known event and I think people would be very happy to see it on our currency.

‘People don’t know much about Bradda Head for example, but they do know the TT.

‘Landmarks such as the Laxey Wheel are nice, I’d keep them on one side, but the other side something to do with the racing makes sense.

‘Famous riders would be good, a lot of people know about them.

‘Wildlife and nature would mean something for the locals but not internationally I don’t think.

John Naylor, visiting from Yorkshire, said: ‘I lived here for 10 years and I always liked the three legs of man on the notes.

Public opinions on new designs for Manx banknotes - John Naylor (visiting from Yeadon, Yorkshire UK)

‘The various Steam Packet vessels would be a good one too.’

A six-week consultation on the issue concludes on Monday, October 23.