By Emma Draper

A recent general meeting at Port Erin Commissioners provided an update on both the Cosy Nook Cafe and progress with the Southern Swimming Pool.

Clerk, Jason Roberts, provided an update to the board and the two members of public that were in attendance at the meeting last week.

Talking about the Cosy Nook, he said the operators - which are Foraging Vintners and Noa’s - are hoping to have the venue open by Good Friday, and said ‘things are generally working to plan’.

Mr Roberts also said that electrical works are ‘about three quarters of the way through’, and new skylights are being looked at because the old ones are in disrepair.

The Cosy Nook is currently being renovated after being given planning permission for another three years as a beach bar with a marquee and indoor seating.

Also discussed at the meeting was the subject of the Southern Swimming Pool.

Commissioner Marc Morely is the Port Erin representative on the Southern Swimming Pool board and confirmed a meeting was being held with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture.

Mr Morely said the meeting is about both the old pool and what happens next as well the plans for a new pool.

The DESC recently said a new pool could be built as part of the redevelopment of Castle Rushen High School.

Board members also raised a concern about the missing festoon lighting on the promenade.

Bracket fixtures are being worked on around Port Erin Bay and the clerk said once those have been received, they will be back up ‘imminently’.

To conclude the meeting, it was also mentioned that members of the ‘foodies market’ association on the island gathered last month, which garnered some interest from local businesses.

However, the clerk said there wasn’t enough to give a ‘green light’ for one in the south, so instead a TT foodies market will be held which the group hopes will ‘stimulate’ people wanting one elsewhere.