The Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service has issued a warning regarding disposable barbecues after a gorse fire occurred in Port St Mary last week.

Posting on Facebook, the Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Using a disposable barbecue and enjoying our island is a great idea this Easter, but following the wildfire we recently dealt with at Port St Mary, please ensure you use them responsibly.’

Fire crews were deployed to the Raad ny Foillan coastal footpath near Perwick Bay on the afternoon of Sunday, March 24, and residents in Port St Mary were asked to ‘keep windows and doors shut’ because of the outbreak of the gorse fire.

Station officer David Dallimore said: ‘On arrival, crews were met with multiple scenes of fire, with gorse well alight on the cliff side that was producing lots of smoke that could be seen from some distance away.

‘The incident commander quickly set up a water relay that enabled firefighters to obtain a good water supply, and the fires that could be reached were all knocked back.

‘There was a scene of fire that was particularly difficult to reach due to its location on the cliff, but this was dealt with using a 45mm hose and two hose reels.

‘The crew were in attendance for approximately three hours and the area was well drenched prior to the fire service leaving the scene in order to prevent any further ignition.’

The Fire and Rescue Service then appealed for information regarding how the fire had started, with it now being confirmed that it originated from the use of a disposable barbecue.

The guidance regarding these barbecues said: ‘Only use the disposable barbecue on a non-combustible surface, and because they get very hot, do not move it when it’s in use.

‘Supervise the barbecue until it has cooled down completely to prevent children and pets from touching it.

‘Make sure that the barbecue is fully extinguished by pouring plenty of water onto it so that the charcoal is completely covered.

‘Do not leave or dump the barbecue - take it home and put it in the rubbish bin, only after making sure that the contents of the barbecue have cooled down completely. Cooling can take several hours.’