Today is chips, cheese and gravy day on the Isle of Man.

Every year - on the last Monday of January - the island celebrates the unofficial national dish of the Manx people.

Different to the Canadian dish poutine, which includes cheese curds, various eateries on the island put Manx potatoes, Manx cheddar and beef gravy together. And Manxies love it!

To celebrate, we took a visit to New Cod on the Block in Onchan to speak to owner Johnny McDowall to discuss the famous dish and what it's like at his chippy.

He said: 'It get busy today, especially at tea time, and we have deliveries on as well and it does get crazy.

'Everyone seems to enjoy it!'.

Johnny has been running the fish and chip shop since early 2022, and before that in a number of different positions in the catering industry.

He said he's noticed the rise in popularity of chips, cheese and gravy in recent years. He said: 'I certainly have noticed an increase over the years, I've been in catering for a long time and it's just gradually getting more and more popular

Cheese, chips and gravy

'It's very nice, I find it quite enjoyable.' New Cod on the Block, in Village Walk, Onchan, is open all day today with delivery available from 5pm. And for both dine in and take away, it's just £5 a portion.

Will you be enjoying some chips, cheese and gravy today?