With the Easter holidays just around the corner, and families coming together to celebrate, there’s a sense of excitement in the air.

We hit the streets to find out how people are planning on spending their Easter this year.

Nicola Skillen and her son Steven, age 10, haven’t got all that much planned but said they’re definitely looking forward to having some fun.

Nicola Skillen & Steven Skillen (aged 10) from Castletown
Nicola Skillen & Steven Skillen (aged 10) from Castletown (Callum Staley/CJS Photography )

She said: ‘We’re just going to enjoy ourselves and the time off school, probably go on the train.

‘Steven feels sick on the bus but definitely likes the train, and hopefully the weather is nice.’

‘I like chocolate and so does he so I hope the Easter bunny comes for me!’

Owen Crompton and Charlotte Moran said they like this time of year, but will still be busy throughout the holiday.

Owen Crompton, from Peel and Charlotte Moran, from Douglas
Owen Crompton, from Peel and Charlotte Moran, from Douglas (Callum Staley/CJS Photography )

Owen, from Peel, said: ‘I’m probably working (at McDonald’s) because it’s very busy around Easter, to be honest it’s busy all the time but especially when the kids are all off school.

Charlotte, from Douglas, added: ‘I don’t really have many plans, just spend time with family.

‘I’ll be eating a lot of chocolate - it’s one of my favourite times of year.

Owen agreed: ‘I’ll just be eating food!’

Margaret Atkinson, from Onchan, said she takes each day as it goes but is especially glad the trains are back up and running, and told us a funny story of her time on the steam train last year.

Margaret Atkinson from Onchan
Margaret Atkinson from Onchan (Callum Staley/CJS Photography)

She said: ‘I think it’s great that it’s all up and going again, the Snaefell tram and everything.

‘There’s a funny story actually, last year I had time to go on the Manx Electric Railway so got my ticket for £9 to go to Laxey.

‘I should’ve known but the lady didn’t tell me to get off at Laxey so ended up in Ramsey!

‘I wasn’t happy - that was an expensive cup of coffee!

‘Hopefully I can go on again this year as it’s quite pleasant and something to do.

‘I also love going down to Port Erin and Port St Mary - it’s lovely down there.’

Alex Ruiz, from Douglas, is having some alone time as his daughter, Gabriella age 4, travels with her mum to Portugal.

Alex & Gabriella Ruiz (aged 4) from Douglas
Alex and Gabriella Ruiz (aged 4) from Douglas (Callum Staley/CJS Photography )

He said: ‘She’s off to to Portugal with her mum to spend the Easter holidays with her grandma and her family there.

‘She loves it there and we don’t go as often as we’d like to as it’s sometimes a struggle to get off the island - prices of flights are crazy.

‘I couldn’t go this time as I couldn’t get the holidays but she can and I’m going to get a bit of me time!’

‘I’ll enjoy myself for the first day then be missing her and her mum over Easter for 10 days.’