As charity Junior Achievement launches a website to help youngsters getting into the world of work find out more, we decided to take to the streets to ask the public what their first job was.

The majority of the people we spoke to had changed career paths multiple times.

Juliette Sinclair from Peel, had her first shift at Uncle Ben’s, which was a fast food restaurant.

She said: ‘I think I got £1.30 an hour, and I packed it in after the first three hours and sent my dad in to get my wages.

‘We were only kids, I think it was a standard wage at the time, but it was very hard work for the minimum wage, I was about 12.’

Karen Cottier from Peel said she worked at Curtis Fishyard Peel

Juliette Sinclair (Peel) and Karen Cottier (Peel)

They both went to university, and worked in the corporate services industry, and Juliette became a teacher before starting her own cooking school called Juliette’s in Peel, and Karen took over her family pub, The Peveril.

Asked for advice for young people starting out, Juliette said: ‘Find something you enjoy, because it makes it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Olwyn Fox from Onchan had her first job in a hairdressers part-time when she was around 15. She went into nursing and then sales and marketing.

Her husband, Nobby Fox, started out as an apprentice electrician but went into mining to sell excavators worldwide, before going into catering. Nobby said: ‘Half of success is knowing want you want, the other half is knowing what you have got to do to get it.’

Nobby Fox (Onchan) and Olwyn Fox (Onchan)

Olwyn’s advice to young people starting out in their career was: ‘follow your heart, and don’t be scared to try something. Just do it. You will find your way eventually and you will meet people who will help you to develop. You will find your niche.’

Nicola Child, from Ramsey started off at Curpheys leather shop when she was 15.

She said: ‘I was in there on Saturdays and holidays, and the skill I got from there was Christmas present wrapping, it was really popular, everyone wanted their gifts wrapped, it was a free service.

Nicola Child (Ramsey)

‘So now when it comes to Christmas and wrapping presents, I always think back to my days working at Curpheys.’

Now in customer services at HSBC, Nicola says: ‘I started at HSBC when I was 18, and it was my first proper job. I went from a temp in HSBC, and I have been there ever since.’

Asked on advice for those starting out, she said: ‘Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to know what to do but try and find something you think would give you job satisfaction.

Jennifer Freeman (Douglas)

Jennifer Freeman based in Douglas started as a cleaner when she was 16, cleaning the shop floor front of a tool company called ScrewFix in Daventry.

She has since worked as a nursery nurse, worked in warehouses, a pub, before becoming a mortgage consultant at Nationwide and now works for Gallagher Insurance as a broker. Her advice for people starting out in their career is: ‘Go for what is on offer, no job is permanent, and it doesn’t define you as a person to work in any kind of industry and go for what makes you happy.’