The Isle of Man Graduate and Young Professional Fair took place last week at the Comis Hotel.

The event gave young people an opportunity to meet the island’s leading employers, helping to build networks and discover the different careers the island has to offer.

We spoke to some of the students at the fair about their future prospects.

Students' opinions on their future career plans - Abhishek Tom, Year 13 at QEII high school
Abhishek Tom, Year 13 at QEII high school (Dave Kneale)

Abhishek Tom, in year 13 at QEII High School, is taking a year out after sixth form but isn’t entirely sure of his plan after that.

He said: ‘I’m actually quite unsure about what I should do and where I should go but I’m taking a gap year and will try to figure out whether I want to go to university or get a job and settle down in the island.

‘I’ve seen many companies at the fair that I didn’t even know existed and made connections with a few people.

‘I’ve been given papers that I can use and websites so the fair has been helpful.

‘I quite like sociology and ICT as well so I could see myself doing something along those lines.’

Students' opinions on their future career plans - Leo Dixon (left) and Harbour Clark (right), both Year 13 at Ballakermeen high school
Leo Dixon (left) and Harbour Clark (right) (Dave Kneale)

Leo Dixon and Harbour Clark are both year 13 students at Ballakermeen High School.

Leo said: ‘I’m very into music so I’d like to join a military band.

‘Today is about finding people to talk to and even ask about some temporary jobs.’

Harbour said: ‘I want to find a job or apprenticeship but I’m still trying to figure out what exactly it is I want to do.

‘It could be a lot of things because Lloyds have an apprenticeship for banking and I’ve applied for that.

‘I’m thinking of going to university a bit later on and getting some work experience first.’

Rachel Smith, 23, has recently finished studying ecology and conservation at Nottingham Trent University and has never been to the graduate fair before.

She said: ‘It’s been good, there’s a big range of employers here and it’s been very interesting hearing what everyone does.

‘I want to work over here before going back to do my masters.

‘I want to get into researching the science position or working in IT applications in conservation but I need to upskill heavily before coming back to the Isle of Man.

‘It’s definitely a very important event, but the things that draws me back to the Isle of Man is the wildlife, the landscapes and the range of ecosystems.

Students' opinions on their future career plans - Shannon Crellin, Year 13 at Ballakermeen high school
Shannon Crellin (Dave Kneale)

Shannon Crellin, year 13 at Ballakermeen High School, is unsure of what she wants to do after school but wants to stay living in the island with her family and friends.

She said: ‘I’m not really sure what to go into, that’s why I came to the event.

‘I’d like to go into office or financial work here.

‘I’m quite settled here and I like it so I’ll be staying.’