The chief minister has said that the government hopes to establish 600 new jobs in the coming year.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan said that the Department for Enterprise executive agencies were actively engaged in growing jobs in the island.

The government’s island strategy, states an ambition to establish 5,000 new roles by 2037.

Mr Cannan said: ‘The following priorities around jobs are set out for the coming year, which represents the first step toward the 5,000 jobs ambition.

According to Mr Cannan, there would be an additional 100 finance sector jobs, covering the existing established financial services sector, as well as new sectors such as Fintech and Insurtech.

The island will have 300 new digital sector jobs including in the established e-gaming sector as well as new areas such as e-sports.

The business sector would have 50 new jobs across domestic and export businesses, including those in the biomedical and medicinal cannabis sectors.

There will be an additional 150 visit sector jobs across tourism and hospitality sector.


The information comes in response to a written question from John Wannenburgh, Douglas North MHK, who asked Mr Cannan what the minimum salary was for a person classed as a net economic contributor; and what analysis of role types, salary and sector split had been undertaken on 5000 new roles expected to have been established by 2037.

Regarding net economic contribution, Mr Cannan said: ‘A person’s net economic contribution is made up of a number of different elements and relates to overall economic production that the person generates.’

This, he said, cannot be deemed from a salary in isolation as it is dependent on circumstances.

While government aims to establish more jobs, there is a move across various sectors for people to relocate to the island to fill job vacancies.

The police are pushing for people to join the force.

Officers from the Isle of Man are going to Gatwick Airport, Birmingham city centre and Manchester Airport in an attempt to recruit staff.

Locate Isle of Man, a Department for Enterprise agency to encourage people to move to the island, identified the following sectors as being in demand of staff: teaching, healthcare, construction, engineering and manufacturing, accountancy, compliance, tech and hospitality