Latest statistics from the Meteorological office at Ronaldsway show that February was warmer and wetter than normal.

On average, February is usually the coldest and driest of the winter months, but this year temperatures and rainfall were both above normal.

Met technician Gary Salisbury said: ‘The mean 24-hour temperature across February was 7.6°C which is around 1.5°C above the long-term average for the month.

‘There was a brief cold snap, but the majority of the month was near or above normal.

‘The coldest air temperature was on the morning of the 7th, with an overnight minimum of 0.2°C, and on the 8th, the maximum was only 3.9°C. The warmest day was the 21st with a peak of 13.1°C.

‘Rainfall totalled 88.8mm compared to the long-term mean of 65mm, so about 35% above average.

‘The wettest day was the 8th with 19.5mm.

‘Sunshine totalled 91.9 hours on the cards, which is a little above normal.

‘The best day was the 26th with 9.6 hours.

‘The mean wind speed over the month was 13.4 knots, which is a little below the average for February.

‘The highest gust was 43 knots on the 8th, which was the only day with gales.’