Ramsey Commissioners are ramping up their efforts to prevent people from allowing their dogs to foul public places.

It follows a recent court case where local resident David Allan Jeff was fined £400 with £280 costs for allowing two dogs to defecate on the BMX track.

When challenged by the town warden, he began shouting and swearing and calling him a ‘jobsworth’ and refused to give his details. Four fixed penalty notices were served and ignored before the commissioners decided to prosecute.

The matter was raised at the monthly board meeting, when it was agreed that the public needed to know that the town warden was out there, being even more vigilant when it came to dog owners.

Commissioner Adam Beighton said that north beach was particularly bad with dog excrement at the moment.

‘People are just not picking up after their dogs. It’s unsanitary and not acceptable.

‘We have to educate people that things have to change,’ he said.

Town clerk Tim Cowin added: ‘Firstly, the town warden deserves respect.

‘Secondly, dog owners need to know that he’s out there, and if they are caught not clearing up after their dogs they will receive fixed-penalty notices. If the notices are ignored they will be prosecuted.’