As we leap into the new year, we wanted to see what the public’s hopes are for 2023, and whether they have any new year’s resolutions.

There was a great amount of optimism from our respondents, from hopes of more travelling and holidays, to hopes of good health, and for things to improve for people.

Doreen Callister from Onchan said: ‘I don’t bother as much with new year’s resolutions now. I think if I am going to do something, I will do it, I don’t need to make a resolution.

‘In general I would like to stay fit and healthy, and for 2023, I am looking forward to actually being able to go on holiday this year.

‘I have not had a good few years, so it will be nice to get away.’

Helen McVicar from Sulby said: ‘I have no resolutions, and I haven’t done it in the past because I know I would never keep them.’

She added: ‘My biggest hope is for health, and for everything to get better because it is hard times for a lot of people.

‘2022 has been alright for me, but I do realise it has been hard for a lot of people.

‘I wish everybody good health and happiness, and a bit of prosperity. What more could you ask for?’

Victor Mazzitelli from Peel and Meghan Fagher from Ballasalla also said that they did not have new year’s resolutions.

Whilst Meghan has never had one, Victor has had resolutions in the past which he has managed to stick to, such as quitting smoking.

Although Victor does not fully attribute this change to his new year’s resolution.

Meghan said: ‘You don’t need to make new year’s resolutions to make changes, I think if you want to change something then you make that decision to, at the end of the day you will do it because you want to, not because of a new year’s resolution.’

Looking to 2023, Meghan and Victor’s big hopes are for Meghan’s divorce to go through.

Meghan said: ‘Well, I am actually going through a divorce so I want that over and done with, because it has been three years and I’m sick of it, so that is what I am hoping for.’

Victor shares the same hope for 2023.

He explained: ‘I am from Brazil originally, and in Brazil we celebrate new year differently.

‘For example, we wear different clothes on the passing to new year, to represent what we want to happen for the year to come.

‘If I was wearing white, I would want peace, if I was wearing gold, I would want money, we were just looking for something orange to wear as it represents getting a move on, having a busier life and happiness, and that would also mean Meghan’s divorce goes through.’

Patrick and Catherine Delaney from Onchan are hoping for good health and happiness.

Patrick said: ‘I was hoping that there will be more peace in the world, and my new year’s resolution is to make people a bit happier if I can. In other words, I have always been easygoing, but I want to make people happier all year.

He added: ‘There is so much sadness in the world, so I think that is where my new year’s resolution came from.’

The couple also mentioned staying fit and healthy for the new year, and to carry on donating to charity.

Catherine said: ‘We don’t tend to make resolutions that we know we can’t keep.’

Patrick added: ‘Although we said we wouldn’t have chocolates and sweets, but we have already opened the chocolate biscuits.’