The lack of provision for a new distributor road and a new access road are the main reasons why Ramsey Commissioners are continuing to oppose plans by Dandara Ltd to develop fields at Lower Milntown Farm, Lezayre.

The latest plan sees a further reduction in the number of dwellings to 138. When first presented, the developers were looking at 181 dwellings.

As well as the reduced number of properties, the plans include the introduction of an attenuation pond and the relocation of public open space due to flood risk.

The commissioners maintain the view that the development is not in accordance with the phasing programme set out in the blueprint for the area - the West Ramsey Development Framework (WRDF).

In particular, the plans do not comply with the WRDF’s requirement for a new distributor road between Gardener’s Lane and the development site, or for a new access road linking Gardener’s Lane to Poyll Dooey Road.

They are also concerned that the ’neighbourhood centre’ provided as part of the consent for Dandara’s Auldyn Walk development has not yet been completed.

Concerns were also raised that the existing sewage system would not cope with the additional volume of waste.

The board will forward its views to the planning committee, with the recommendation that the application be refused.