A domestic abuser from Ramsey has been put on probation for 12 months.

Craig Charman initially denied the allegation, but then changed his plea to guilty on a later date.

We previously reported that police were called to an address in Ramsey on October 19.

The complainant was in the rear garden, said to be crying and upset.

She said she had been in a relationship with 40-year-old Charman for over 11 years, but it had ended in March due to his behaviour.

She claimed that there had been prolonged verbal and emotional abuse, but they had stayed living together while their property was being sold.

The woman said that, on October 19, Charman had become angry at their child initially.

She said that things had escalated and he had charged at her so she had tried to lock a baby gate to keep him away.

She said that he then shoved her, so that she fell onto the child’s bed, which the child was in at the time.

The woman said that Charman had then kicked her, something which he disputed in a basis of plea submitted by his advocate.

She said that she had then gone downstairs and Charman, who lives at Ormly Road, had told her: ‘I’ll finish you.’

A probation report said that Charman was an assistant manager at a retail store and had arrived here with his partner two and a half years ago.

The report said that breakdown of the relationship had been an extremely difficult and emotional time for the defendant and that he had been struggling.

He said that he had not wanted to cause his ex-partner any harm but took full responsibility for what happened.

Charman said that he denied there had been any previous incidents, but accepted that the relationship had been difficult in the last 12 months and that there had been arguments.

The report concluded that a period of probation would be appropriate and would allow the defendant to undertake work on relationships and emotional responses going forward.

Charman said that he would welcome support and was prepared to do victim-focussed work.

Defence advocate Deborah Myerscough said that her client accepted all the facts, except for the allegation of kicking.

Ms Myerscough said that Charman had already taken part in some courses voluntarily, and also asked for credit to be given for his lack of any previous convictions.

The advocate handed in references and said: ‘It is clear he is well thought of by those who know him.

‘This experience in court is one that he will never repeat going forward.’

Ms Myerscough added that the offence had been committed in October and there had been no incidents since then.

Deputy High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood said she would sentence the defendant on the basis that there had been no kicking.

She told Charman: ‘Resorting to violence, particularly in a domestic relationship, is never acceptable.

‘Your behaviour must have been frightening and distressing, and has led to physical injury, albeit minor.

‘It is clear you would benefit from the imposition of a probation order, with input from psychologists.’

Charman was also ordered to pay £300 prosecution costs by February 16.