A 33-year-old Castletown woman has been fined £500 for two motoring offences.

Elise Alexandra Grace Lang admitted having no vehicle licence and fraudulent use of a vehicle licence.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that police were on patrol near Mount Murray in Santon on October 31 when they saw a Vauxhall Corsa parked opposite The Forge Restaurant.

Checks showed that its tax had expired in February 2023 and the tax disc displayed on the car belonged to a different Vauxhall Corsa with a different registration.

Lang, who lives at Close Rushen, attended a voluntary interview at police headquarters and said that the car had been in the garage for repair until recently

She said that she had then borrowed a family member’s car, but that had broken down so she had then used her own car again.

She said that she had swapped the tax discs when using the cars and had mistakenly put the wrong one back on hers, so she had not intended to deceive anyone.

Defence advocate Sara-Jayne Dodge reiterated what the defendant had said in interview and added that Lang had taxed the vehicle the day she retrieved it from the police.

Magistrates also ordered her to pay £50 prosecution costs and she will pay all amounts at a rate of £10 per week, deducted from benefits.