With the TT now getting started, we asked the public if they were looking forward to the fortnight.

Paula Ditchfield and Lorna Doyle, who are both from Douglas, were excited but disappointed at the scaling back of live music events.

‘We’re really excited about the TT and just a little bit disappointed that some people have complained about the music up at the Grandstand,’ Lorna said.

‘I think, personally, everything should be full on for TT. It’s the only time of year that we get so many people over and we need it buzzing.

‘Last year it was amazing. 1886, Bushy’s and the Grandstand all had music on. It was great because you were running from one place to another to find what you wanted.

‘This year, it does seem to have dropped quite a bit.’

Paula agreed, saying: ‘I think it’s a sin, an absolute sin.

‘It’s the only thing we have for the island and it keeps the island going.

‘If we start doing this bit by bit, it will die out.’

Lorna added: ‘The stuff they had at 1886 last year, they were massive bands. I don’t know whether they made money out of it or they broke even and that’s the reason they haven’t done it this year.

‘Hopefully this year it’ll be the same and if we can keep the weather, all the better.’

Jo Isherwood and Annette Cunningham were in agreement.

Annette, from Douglas, said: ‘I think it gets some of the trouble away from places as well because if it’s all in one area, you’ve not got people making their own entertainment.

‘If it’s more organised like that, it’s more easily controlled.

‘My husband is Coastguard so he’s on patrol at TT and he says 99% of the trouble comes from the locals, not from visitors.

‘I think it’s nice because it gets everyone involved.’

Jo added: ‘It feels as if they should be doing more. It’s the one thing that brings everyone together in the evenings and they should make more effort with it.’

They’re not big fans of the racing, but love the atmosphere during TT.

Jo is excited to go to some of the events on offer, having contracted Covid-19 during last year’s TT fortnight and missing a number of the acts she had booked to see at the 1886 Big Stage.

Annette continued: ‘I went to see Nile Rodgers and that was fantastic.

‘I also went to Bushy’s village, which was fun.’

Lynne Fairclough, of Douglas, says she enjoys the number of tourists the event brings in.

‘I think it’s nice it brings people out,’ she said. ‘I’m looking forward to it. It’s lovely to meet all walks of life.

‘It’s more about the atmosphere for me than the bikes.’

She added: ‘Last year was brilliant, I managed to see Craig David when he came over.’

Asked if she would miss some of the live music provided last year, Lynne said: ‘It’s only for a fortnight and it always ends up being such a good time, it’s a shame.

‘It brings more money into the island as well.’

Bill and Pat Gadsby, both from Peel, have been in the island for over 50 years.

‘We sometimes have friends come over,’ Pat said. ‘We often go and sit up at Ballacraine to watch the bikes, we’ll do that this year.’

Bill added: ‘I think it’s important you get as much as you can out of it! It’s always lovely to have a roam along the prom during that time.’

Pat said: ‘It used to be very good on the prom with all the music, the beer tent and the fair further down.’