An ocean survey technology company has been awarded a contract to gather seabed data at the site of the island’s first offshore windfarm.

‘XOCEAN’ will conduct up to five weeks of geophysical surveys approximately six to 12 nautical miles off Maughold Head in the area which has been leased to energy company Ørsted by the Isle of Man Government in 2015.

The company will also be investigating the possible cable routes from the offshore wind farm to the island by surveying the seabed in and around Douglas Bay and Douglas Harbour, where a future Ørsted operations base could be located.

XOCEAN will use an Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) to gather seabed data, in order to make decisions about suitable locations for wind turbines and electricity cables in the area of the proposed windfarm.

Ørsted will also be issuing a report to highlight the key findings and feedback from the community information events held at venues across the island last November.

From next week (March 18), postcards will be delivered to every household with a link to the report and a time-line for the development of the Mooir Vannin offshore windfarm.

In addition to surveys being conducted this month, there will also be an extensive assessment and consultation process which is being planned for this year.

Consultation events will be held throughout the summer in 2024, with Ørsted’s intention being to submit a planning application to the Isle of Man Government in 2025.

John Galloway, Development Director for Ørsted in the Isle Man said: ‘We would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback so far to help us begin to shape the future of the Mooir Vannin offshore windfarm.

‘In addition to further consultation with communities and stakeholders on the island, we will be issuing regular newsletters and updates on our website. We want to ensure that everyone is kept updated and can share insights and comments with us throughout the process.’