Weather forecasters have issued an other yellow warning for snow.

But it should affect only high ground.

The warning, from the Met Office at Ronaldsway Airport, says: 'Rain arriving this afternoon will fall as snow over the higher ground, as low as 600ft to start off with then gradually rising later in the afternoon until it then falls as rain in all places for this evening.

'This is expected to add a further few centimetres of snow in these areas of higher ground, low-lying areas with see any pre-existing lying snow gradually melt away.'

The forecast:

Cloud thickening as rain arrives during this afternoon and into the evening, this initially falling as snow over high ground (above about 600 feet). The south or southeast winds will increase through the day, becoming fresh to strong later, with the maximum temperature 7 or 8 Celsius.

Rain at first tonight will clear away during the early hours leaving the rest of the night dry and turning milder.


Sunday will be quite mild although also rather breezy and cloudy, and after a dry start rain will develop in the afternoon, which could turn heavy at times in the evening and overnight.

Cloudy with outbreaks of rain at times continuing through much of Monday. This turning to snow early in the night but unlikely to settle, before clearing away to showers later in the night. Fresh to strong southwest winds veering northwest in the afternoon and maximum temperatures of 10°C.