In this letter (name and address of author supplied), the writer discusses the government's recent announcement about three huge developments for brownfield sites on the Isle of Man - you can read more about the schemes here

Regardless of how the financial support is packaged (Island Infrastructure Scheme) it is absurd for the government to be subsidising developers with taxpayers’ money.

The ‘Ocean Castle’ site in Port Erin, for example, has been empty and an eyesore for many years.

Its owner has had ample opportunity to make a healthy return during the recent property boom years.

Now they are to be helped out by the government.

How much better it would be if we authorised planning consent for a very restricted period of time, after which a developer was required to pay a large fee, increasing each year, if they leaves the site unfinished?

Should they fail to pay, we should have legislation in place to seize the site and auction it, without reserve.

Perhaps that would reduce the number of ugly sites and derelict buildings on the Island?