The Isle of Man Centre ACU motocross championship got off to a cracking start at Ballagarraghyn, Jurby on Sunday, hosted by Manx MX.

Round two of the club championship, there was a great turnout in all classes, with 18 lining up for the adult A group class - the best for years.

Race one saw Liam Crellin get a good start, swiftly overtaken by Ryan Cringle on the 450 Honda after an initial red flag stoppage involving Jordan Corkill, who did not receive any fractures.

Cringle never looked back, taking a commanding lead over defending Centre champion Gav Hunt on the 350 KTM. The latter slipped off on the penultimate corner, enabling Daniel McCanney and Beau Brown to slip though ahead of him. Hunt remounted to finish fourth.

Hunt got the start in race two, but Cringle eventually caught him and went flying past into the lead before suffering quite a hefty crash.

This left Hunt in the lead again, but he exited the first part of a double left-hander and missed the peg with his left foot entering the table-top jump area. He was unfortunate to hit a stone which twisted his foot around, causing a spiral fracture of the tibia-fibula. He didn’t actually crash.

‘It was fortunate that I was wearing a knee brace, otherwise I would have badly damaged that as well,’ said Gav, yesterday from his hospital bed.

He is expected to be out of action for at least 12 weeks.

McCanney won that race on his 300cc Beta enduro machine from the 250 KTMs of Brown and Liam Smith.

Race three saw McCanney, Brown and Cringle all battling from the start with Brown leading the race to the last corner where McCanney and Cringle went past for a McCanney win overall.

Adult B saw some strong battles through the day with veterans Martin Corkish and Graeme Saunders showing the young guns how it’s done.

They didn’t have it all their own way though, as Jake Henry came through to win all three motos and take first overall.

The 125cc group had some great races with Travis Meechan taking the honours from Josh Blackley and first time 125 class rider Sean Crone.

Jacob Wilson took a comfortable overall victory in the 85cc Big-wheel class from Callum Christian and Harry Beattie.

The 85cc Small-wheel category saw Marley Meechan take two race wins and a third behind Toby Lang and Leo Gray to clinch the overall from the same two.

Abe Cain topped the 65cc class with three straight wins from Riley Faragher and newcomer Jason Keig.

Four Autos turned out but Mieszko Murawka stomped his way to the top step followed by Leo Harrison and Thomas Clague.

l The next Centre round is at Knock Froy a week on Sunday, March 19. Thanks to the marshals, medics and lap scorers.


Adult A: 1, Daniel McCanney 132 points; 2, Ryan Cringle 124; 3, Beau Brown 122; 4, Liam Smith 114; 5, Chris Moore 111; 6, Liam Crellin 108; 7, Mark Turner 103; 8, Ethan Blackley 98; 9, Jamie Cringle 96; 10, Ryan Christian 91; 11, Jack Keenan 90; 12, Dave Curtis 90; 13, Grant Thomson 89; 14, Ryan Kneen 84; 15, Jacob Meechan 82; 16, Kyle Batty 78; 17, Olly Carrol 78; 18, Gav Hunt 38. Adult B: 1, Jake Henry 74; 2, Graeme Saunders 70; 3, Martin Corkish 68; 4, Jay Lamb 64; 5, Ryan Davis 60; 6, Johnny Lang 57; 7, Dion Meechan 51; 8, Tom Boruch 48; 9, Callum Cowley 46; 10, Paul Sheppard 43; 11, Alex Egan 40; 12, Peter Beaumont 38; 13, Jayden Page 36; 14, Tyler Shannon 29.

125/250F: 1, Travis Meechan 135; 2, Josh Blackley 120; 3, Sean Crone 118; 4, Harry Shand 84.

Big-wheel 85cc: 1, Jacob Wilson 135; 2, Callum Christian 126; 3, Harry Beattie 120; 4, Stan Kinnish 114; 5, Annabel Ratcliffe 109; 6, Liam Barker 74. Small-wheel 85cc: 1, Marley Meechan 130; 2, Toby Lang 129; 3, Leo Gray 122; 4, Jake Kelly 113; 5, Logan Muncaster 111; 6, Oscar Griffitths 109.

65cc: 1, Abe Cain 135; 2, Riley Faragher 124; 3, Jason Kelly 118; 4, Jayden Dentith 80.

Autos: 1, Mieszko Murawka 135; 2, Leo Harrison 124; 3, Thomas Clague 124; 4, Mason Dickson 116.