Isle of Man Badminton Association’s Handicap Tournament took place over the last two Sundays at the National Sports Centre in Douglas.

There was an excellent entry and all the events were played in a round-robin format.

Women’s doubles was split into two halves with Group A won by Jenny Mo and May Ooi (Tynwald Celts), with Jessica Lloyd and Michelle Garrity (Four Leaf Gaming Marown) runners-up.

Group B was won by Tania Thomas (Tynwald Celts) and Sam Spellman (Apollo Blinds Vikings), with Louise Mellor (Athol Park Guest House Castletown) and Molly Bell (Fencibles) finishing runners-up.

Mo and Ooi defeated Mellor and Bell on points (19-21 21-12) in the first semi-final, and Thomas/Spellman beat Lloyd/Garrity 21-16 21-12 in the second semi-final.

The final was a close affair with Mo and Ooi winning the first game 21-18, but Thomas and Spellman came back to win the second game 21-19, meaning that Mo and Ooi won by a single point 40-39.

Men’s doubles was split into four groups with Mark Cheung and Ben Clague (Tynwald Celts) winning Group A.

Group B was won by James Strickett (Sulby) and James O’Meara (Athol Park Guest House Castletown Abbey); Group C by Baillie Watterson and Andrew Simpson (Athol Park Guest House Castletown); Group D by Nick Ardern and Matt Riley (Fencibles).

The first semi-final saw Strickett and O’Meara defeat Cheung and Clague 21-11 21-12, and the second semi-final went to Ardern and Riley who beat Watterson and Simpson 21-19 21-18.

Riley and Ardern won the first game of the final 21-20 and had match points in the second before losing 20-21. With the points being level a third game was played and Strickett/O’Meara proved too strong for their opponents, winning 21-2.

The mixed doubles event was also split into four groups with Group A winners being Matt Nicholson (Apollo Blinds Vikings) and Annelise Mellor (Athol Park Guest House Castletown), who were the back markers at -14.

Group B was won by Martin Cheung (Fencibles) and May Ooi; Group C was won by Juan Domingo (Four Leaf Gaming Marown) and Louise Mellor; with Group D going to Oliver Swales and Vikky Skelly (Four Leaf Gaming Marown).

The first semi-final saw Swales and Skelly beat Domingo and Mellor 21-18 21-17, with the second going to Nicholson and Mellor who beat Cheung and Ooi 21-15 21-20. Nicholson and Mellor successfully came through a tight final, beating Swales and Skelly 21-18 21-17.

l Many thanks to umpires Caroline and David for all their help over the two weekends and to the NSC for the excellent venue.