Adrian Beale of Foxdale finished runner-up in the 60-64 class of the WEMBO World 24-hour solo mountain bike championships in Australia.

Last weekend’s event took place near Armidale, New South Wales, and he summed it up in one word – brutal.

Waiting for the 24-hour journey home on Tuesday morning (GMT), he wrote: ‘The course was utterly relentless single track. No rest was forthcoming so it was a case of dig in and pedal damn it.

‘Luckily the forecast rain, thunder and lightning mainly held off.

‘I felt crisp and on pace for the customary 12-hour warm-up before the night shift survival mode, before it really kicked in at 6am. ߘ?

‘At this point the leading rider in my class was some 50 minutes ahead.

‘I managed to bring it back to around 16 minutes, even getting in the golden extra lap, but it wasn’t quite enough to take the top step.’

Adrian sportingly gave kudos to 60-64 class winner Graeme Peadon from Australia on a gutsy ride.

‘I enjoyed the 22 laps and 311.5 kilometres [193.6 miles]. Another second in class at a different age category.’

The ever-steady ultra-distance mountain biker reported no dramas during the race. ‘Nutrition and pacing all good. A few rough moments as always.

‘I was kept riding and motivated by my first-time pit crew, brother-in-law Ed and Carla Chapman doing a simply amazing job in pit alley.

‘As usual I have a big list of thank yous. If I miss anyone out sorry, it’s been a long and fuzzy few days.

‘My lovely family Ellie and our daughter Bethany, cool in-laws Pat and Andy; Rosie for helping with logistics; the Brisbane rellies, Murray Porter.

‘Bikestyle for massive bike stuff support on the Giant Anthem and Scott RC900; Active Root nutrition, Kudos on producing the game changer.

‘Also Peter Nadin for knowing what to say at just the right time; Elliot Baxter for coaching, taking me to the limit and back again. Ste Kelly, the man who can do it.

‘Finally the gent who makes it happen, Mr WEMBO, Russ Baker, and the team at New England Mountain Biking.

‘Top event thank you. Couldn’t fault it. Great and slick organisation and timing that is as efficient as LDLR and manxtimingsolutions.

‘Other event organisers please take note, it can be done – great job Russ thank you, makes it worth the long haul.

‘Bit of rest then Strathpuffer it is. Thank you again everyone who has helped in many ways. I sincerely couldn’t do it without you all.’

l Strathpuffer is the legendary 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the Scottish Highlands during midJanuary.

It involves 17 hours of darkness and riders are often faced with a mix of freezing temperatures, ice, rain, wind, hail, mud and snow, plus miles and miles of gruelling terrain.