Crosby Cricket Club will make a first foray into the ‘Champions League of European cricket’ this week in Spain.

The Manx team head to Malaga to take part in Group F of the European Cricket League against teams from Spain, Austria, Guernsey and Estonia.

The Marown side qualified for the 10-over competition after winning the Cain League last season and begin their European adventure today (Tuesday) at the Cartama Oval against 2022 champions Pak I Care Badalona before facing Tallin Stallions from Estonia this evening.

Fixtures against Channel Islanders, the Independents, and Austria’s Donaustadt follow on Wednesday as the Manx side aim to top their group to qualify for the competition’s next stage next week.

Wicketkeeper Carl Hartmann said: ‘This will hopefully now be a continual thing, so whoever wins the Cain League this summer will get the opportunity to represent the island in the ECL next year.

‘With such a prize at the end of it, it should make the Cain even more competitive.’

Team-mate Ed Walker added: ‘It will certainly give people a lot more motivation as the nights get darker toward the end of the Manx season to keep turning up and putting in a performance if this is the prize at the end of it.’

Crosby’s trip has been funded by the ECL, but the club would like thank sponsors AON, SIGCo, Zedra and IFGL for their kelp with kit and additional equipment.

Crosby squad: Christo Roelofse, George Burrows, Carl Hartmann, Chris Langford, Ed Walker, Jamie Brown, George Newton, Joe Humphrey, Kevin Kniveton, Martyn Oates, Rich Tarr, Shaun Grobbelaar, Tom Burrows and Tom Lothian. Team manager Craig Hartmann.