Higher Foxdale’s Adrian Beale climbed the equivalent height of Everest twice in separate and very different epics on a mountain bike late last year.

He thought up the idea of ’Everesting’ to use the fitness he had built up in preparation for the 2020 world championship event scheduled for Australia last November, but subsequently postponed.

His first was on the Sky Hill track climb at the northern end of the Millennium Way.

’I had great support for the ride, but the weather was certainly against me with a headwind on the climb and rain virtually throughout,’ said the experienced mountain biker who was 55-59 age category European solo 24-hour champion in 2019.

Adrian successfully managed to complete the climb [and descent] 63 times to achieve his ambition in a total time of 18 hours, covering 160 kilometres - almost precisely 100 miles.

The successful attempt was officially recognised by the Everesting Hall of Fame.

The other slightly more ’mad’ ambition [his description] was a 24-hour static turbo session within the confines of his conservatory.

’Not knowing quite what was in store for me in this challenge, I did it non-stop broken down into six-hour blocks.

’My overall aim was to complete 12,000 metres of climbing and a virtual distance of 284 kilometres,’ he added.

The focus again was on Everesting [an official height of 8,848 metres], which he achieved in 14 hours, involving 10km of climbing.

He then continued to the virtual height of 12,000 metres, again taking him a grand total of around 18 hours.

’The last six hours were absolutely purgatory, what can only be described as extreme chafing.’

The overall focus was to raise funds for Hospice and Special Care Baby Unit [SCBU].

’I had a target of £500, but raised a total of £842 thanks to some really generous donations from lovely people.’

His plans for the current year include a road ’Everesting’, probably using Tholt-y-will, then the 24-hour Longest Day Longest Ride at Conrhenny plantation and the Manx 100 (with a twist!).

He hopes to end with an assault at the British and/or world championships, but these are not looking likely at this stage.