Isle of Man Badminton Association’s annual handicap tournament took place at the National Sports Centre over two consecutive Sundays. 

It attracted a good entry, with the mixed doubles played first, split into three groups, in a round-robin format. 

Group A was won by Juan Domingo and Louise Mellor (Athol Park Guest House Castletown) on scratch, with back markers Matthew Nicholson (Apollo Blinds Vikings) and Annelise Mellor (Athol Park Guest House Castletown) on -10 finishing two points behind. 

Group B went to Lok Yien Cheung  (Fencibles) and Abigayil Mellor (Athol Park Guest House Castletown) +11 with Jamie Everitt (Kirk Michael) and Emma Nicholson (Apollo Blinds Vikings) +6 runners-up. 

Group C was won by Baillie Watterson (Athol Park Guest House Castletown) and Jackie Bracken (Tynwald Celts) +4, with Ben Kneale (Athol Park Guest House Castletown) and Sofie Thornton (Fencibles) second. 

Shibu Augustian, who was partnering Fe Gawne (Zeal Ltd Selborne), unfortunately suffered an injury in his first game.  

The winners of each group were then placed in Group One, with the second-placed teams in Group Two etc. 

Watterson/Bracken won with 82 points, with Cheung and Abigayil Mellor second on 77 and Domingo and Louise Mellor third on 74. 

Women’s doubles was split into two groups with Sarah Corlett and Joyce Hall (Sulby) +5 winning Group A on 119 points and Molly Bell (Fencibles) and Jessica Thornton (Fencibles) -3  second with 116 points. 

Group B was won by Kelly Cheung and Sophie Clague (Fencibles ) +14 with Jess Lloyd and  Michelle Garrity (Marown) runners-up. 

The first semi-final saw Cheung and Clague beating Bell and Thornton 21-8, 21-6 and Lloyd/Garrity defeating Corlett/Hall 21-14, 21-16. 

The final was a tight match with Lloyd/Garrity coming through to win 21-18, 21-19. 

Men’s doubles was split into three groups with Matt Riley (Vikings) and Andrew Ronan (Rushen) +4 winning Group A, James O’Meara and Kasper Kjeldsen -5 (Athol Park Guest House Castletown) winning Group B and Mark Cheung (Tynwald Celts) and Martin Cheung +4 (Fencibles) winning Group C.

The three pairs then went into a further group and played off, with Cheung and Cheung winning with 84 points; O’Meara and Kjeldsen second on 76 and Riley/Ronan third on 59. The trophies were presented by David Craig. Many thanks go to NSC for the excellent venue, along with umpires Caroline Whitehead and David Craig.