The annual general meeting of Manx Motor Cycle Club was well attended recently, when the following officials were elected for the coming year.

The newly-elected chairman is John McBride, with Jim Hunter vice-chairman, while Ned Bowers continues in the position as treasurer.

David Mylchreest accepted the position of club president, becoming the first person to hold the honorary position for a second term.

He said he was delighted to be asked and stated that the club will keep working for the riders so they can come and enjoy the thrill of competing on the Mountain Course at the Manx Grand Prix.

In his acceptance speech, the new chairman said that his life-long involvement with the Manx Grand Prix started in 1962 when he watched a wet Junior race from the wall in the Noble’s Park. The racing encouraged him to join the Boy Scouts so he could help on the scoreboards.

He then progressed to the scrutineering team, riding in the Manx GP and Production TT, also carrying out travelling marshal duties and latterly worked in race control.

Bowers is also a former TM while Hunter is still a travelling marshal.

Two new directors were elected onto the committee, Jo Warriner and Trevor Denning. The latter is taking on the role of chief technical officer while Warriner will continue in her role as deputy chief technical officer, a position she has held for several years.

Former club chairmen Peter Maddocks and Harvey Garton, together with long-standing member Jeff Kirby, have stood down from the committee.