In the final round of mixed hockey league fixtures before the cup and plate matches next weekend, the teams look to head into the break with a win this Saturday.

In the Premiership, J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Celts will be aiming to extend their winning streak to three as they play Canaccord Genuity Vikings B.

After Athena Healthcare Harlequins A notched their first win in the top flight last weekend, they face a tough game against league leaders Canaccord Genuity Vikings A.

Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A are hoping to regain form as they meet LJ Partnership Ramsey A who are searching for their first win of the season. Finally in the Premiership, Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B face off against Motorworx Valkyrs A who will be flying high after defeating reigning champions Bacchas A last week.

Division One sees Canaccord Genuity Vikings C square off against Motorworx Valkyrs B in a must-win game for the Peel side if they hope to keep up their title charge.

Ramsey Crookall Bacchas C will look to do the same as they play Motorworx Valkyrs C, while the last game in this league is an inter-club J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown derby as top-of-the-table Southerners will face bottom side Cammags.

There’s an important fixture in Division Two as LJ Partnership Ramsey Ravens and Canaccord Genuity Vikings E go head-to-head as the two sides look to avoid relegation.

At the other end of the table, league leaders Canaccord Genuity Vikings D will be aiming to solidify their position as they play second-placed J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cammags. Elsewhere, Ramsey Crookall Bacchas Colts will play Motorworx Valkyrs D in what promises to be a tightly-run contest.

In Division Three, Athena Healthcare Harlequins C play Ramsey Crookall Bacchas D, while title favourites Athena Healthcare Harlequins B face a tricky contest against as LJ Partnership Ramsey Rookies.

Finally in the second J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown inter-club rivalry this weekend, Cosney will play Carrick.

The Under-15s League has Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A matched up against Motorworx Valkyrs.

In what promises to be an excellent game, league leaders Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B face title hopefuls Athena Healthcare Harlequins.

The third and final J. Qualtrough & Co inter-club game sees the Sabres play the Sharks, while in the last game of the weekend LJ Partnership Ramsey Rogues & Rascals play Canaccord Genuity Vikings.


Saturday, September 30:


2.05pm J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Celts

v Canaccord Genuity Vikings B @ CRHS

2.05pm Athena Healthcare Harlequins A

v Canaccord Genuity Vikings A @ the NSC

12.35pmRamsey Crookall Bacchas A

v LJ Partnership Ramsey A @ the NSC

2.05pm Ramsey Crookall Bacchas B

v Motorworx Valkyrs A @ KWC

Division One

3.35pmCanaccord Genuity Vikings C

v Motorworx Valkyrs B @ the NSC

12.35pmMotorworx Valkyrs C

v Ramsey Crookall Bacchas C @ QEII

12.35pmJ. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Southerners v J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cammags @ CRHS

Division Two

2.05pmLJ Partnership Ramsey

Ravens v Canaccord Genuity

Vikings E @ RGS

12.35pmCanaccord Genuity

Vikings D v J. Qualtrough

& Co Castletown Cushags @ KWC

2.05pmRamsey Crookall Bacchas Colts v Motorworx Valkyrs D @ QEII

Division Three

11.05amAthena Healthcare

Harlequins C v Ramsey Crookall Bacchas D

@ the NSC

12.35pmAthena Healthcare Harlequins B

v LJ Partnership Ramsey Rookies @ RGS

11.05amJ. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cosney v J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Carrick @ CRHS

Under-15s League

11.05amRamsey Crookall Bacchas A

v Motorworx Valkyrs @QEII

3.35pmRamsey Crookall Bacchas B

v Athena Healthcare Harlequins @ QEII

3.35pmJ. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sabres v J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sharks @ CRHS

3.35pmLJ Partnership Ramsey Rogues & Rascals v Canaccord Genuity Vikings @ RGS