A Manx Taekwondo team enjoyed a successful trip to North Yorkshire to compete in the 8th KTA Mayor Cup Poomsae Championships in Harrogate recently.  

Despite being one of the smaller teams in attendance, the performance left a lasting impression, earning them a spot among the top contenders in the prestigious competition. 

Out of the 45 teams from across the UK, the Isle of Man contingent emerged as a force to be reckoned with, securing medals across multiple categories. This included victories in individual, mixed and group events, demonstrating versatility and strength across various disciplines. 

Led by coaches Rod Nielsen and James Hewitt and fuelled by months of rigorous training, the team members displayed impeccable technique, grace and focus throughout. 

Each athlete showcased their individual talent while also seamlessly blending their skills in the mixed and group events, highlighting their unity and teamwork.  Despite facing stiff competition from larger and more experienced teams, Manx Taekwondo held its own, impressing both judges and spectators alike with the performances.  

Finishing in sixth place overall out of the 45 teams, the Manx Taekwondo outfit were successful at gold, silver and bronze levels.  

Nino Ontoy excelled in the male under-30s category, bringing home gold for both individual and mixed team. Seb Shields showed great effort after learning his poomsae routine only the night before, competing against eight other young men within his category. 

Louise Colquitt, Evelyn Husada and Aeon Mondales brought home the gold for their group pattern, as did Finlo Barratt, Robert Corrin and Jack Finan who, despite nerves, were able to work together and show great teamwork and coordination.  

Finlo Barratt (left) and Robert Corrin fly the Manx flag in Yorkshire
Finlo Barratt (left) and Robert Corrin fly the Manx flag in Yorkshire (-)

Evie Jones was full of confidence and determination when she secured a gold medal for her pattern. The team would like to thank coaches Master Rod Nielsen, James Hewitt and Nino Ontoy. 

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