Daniel McCanney emerged victorious in Sunday’s Western Enduro, more than one minute clear of David Knight.

Beta rider McCanney was the master of Eairy Beg Plantation (Glen Helen), where he won every test.

Knighter had an eventful day in Eairy Beg, running off course, incurring a couple of spills and a high speed near miss. He was able to hold onto McCanney over the grass test at Carnagrie but not take significant time back on him. Everyone appeared to get stuck in a bog in the Glen Helen test.

Mark Turner and Craig Norrey finished third and fourth respectively, with Bobby Moyer fifth, followed by seasoned campaigner Russell Millward and Jack Collins.

Young Jack Keenan was going well in his first expert event but was then hampered by a flat front tyre. Orry Millward claimed his first clubman enduro win with a time of 48min 55.50sec, followed by Peter Beaumont in 50:53.72.

Mike Turner topped the veteran class by more than four minutes from Anthony Crowe.

Newcomer Ryan Davis took his first enduro win in Sportsman from fellow novice enduro rider Callum Cowley and Saskia Kelly.

The loop between tests was long, involving Glen Rushen Pipeline and Whiskey Run, then over to Archallagan, Cornelly, Greeba and the Dowse, returning to Carnagrie via the Klondyke Road at Slieau Whallian.


Expert: 1, Daniel McCanney 46min 20.70sec; 2, David Knight 47:42.57; 3, Mark Turner 49:16.61; 4, Craig Norrey 50:42.58; 5, Bobby Moyer 54:02.94; 6, Russell Millward 58:37.30; 7, Jack Collins 1:00:35.68.

Clubman: 1, Orry Millward 48m 55.50s; 2, Peter Beaumont 50:53.72; 3, Alan Heath 51:01.21; 4, Tim Dedman 52:01.94; 5, Travis Meechan 54:29.28; 6, Ryan Herdman 55:01.39; 7, Billy Cubbon 56:03.55; 8, Eric Herdman 56:57.11.

Veteran: 1, Mike Turner 48m 49.62s; 2, Anthony Crowe 53:15.16; 3, Nigel Beaumont 1:00:31.77.

Sportsman: 1, Ryan Davis 37m 49.86s; 2, Callum Cowley 38:28.19; 3, Saskia Kelly 40:17.65; 4, Steven Bannister 41:08.48; 5, Dion Meechan 42:15.79; 6, Mark Hazelgrove 46:25.42; 8, Michael Duke 56:02.88; 9, John Murray 58:08.43; 11, Alex Pressly 1:14:15.04; 12, Shantelle Thorpe 1:19:57.15.